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Khuzestan Plastic Industries has been with you since 1983.

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Khuzestan Plastic Industries Co. is the first and most prestigious company producing films, sheets and packaging containers in Iran which was established in 1983. Since its establishment, the company has continuously tried to grow and improve the quantity and quality of its products and has made a huge change in the packaging industry by enjoying the latest technologies of the world as the largest manufacturer of disposable containers and packaging.

​Now Khuzestan Plastics Industries is a reliable name in the food packaging industry of the country, which considers the desired quality as one of the fundamental principles of its activities and considers its success based on decades of efforts in quality control.
In addition to considering the above, the company also performs its duties in the field of environmental responsibilities by observing the standards that have become a requirement in the world, and having numerous international certificates in this field indicates...

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The main focus of this complex in the coming years will be to promote the position of Khuzestan plastics industry as one of the largest producers of food packaging containers in Central Asia and the Middle East.

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